ABOUT. Lifestyle for men


Create media awareness for the concept store ABOUT. Lifestyle for men founded by Randy Hoogeweegen. Besides clothes and accessories of premium brands ABOUT. sells beauty and lifestyle products for men, serves delicious coffee and organizes the occasional barbeque block party. 

PR Activity


Generate social media buzz by selecting leading male influentials such as Notre Vue, My Dutch Fasion Style and Steven Dahlberg en inviting them to the shop to get introduced the unique and personal store experience Randy offers and select an item. The invitees received an item of choice.


Gather key editors, bloggers and influencers for the ABOUT.’s first Barbeque Block Party (launch event) to create social buzz and a follow up by a press release and personal e-mails in order to drive publications in both print and online. 


Social media buzz prior to the launch event and days after the event and coverage secured in key national media titles such as JFK, Het Parool, L’Officiel, Fashion United, Notre Vue and My Dutch Fashion Style.