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Multiple-Identity is an international boutique Communication and Events agency based in Amsterdam and Dubai with a portfolio containing brands ranging from small business entrepreneurs to international companies.

Change is the only stable factor

As a young and accessible agency, we operate a tight-knit framework, producing the most effective results for our clients in order to add relevant value to the brand identity and reach the desired target groups. By being constantly aware of the changing dynamics within the communication and branding industry we deliver a great combination of both online and offline comms where we, if necessary, break with traditional PR norms.




Next to the ‘traditional’ Business to Business and Business to Consumers communication approach, we developed the Business to Influencer approach. Without losing sight of these first routes, we believe that this new approach is a great asset for every brand. Our experience has taught us that being a constant source of inspiration and creating a personal and engaging relationship with media is key to staying top-of-mind. Producing content on a day-to-day basis media are continuously seeking inspiration and experiences and we aim to provide this with the brands we work for. Creating a positive and relevant relationship with journalists and (online) influencers will increase the likelihood that they will contact your brand when spotting media opportunities.

Multiple-Identity has invested time in building an unparalleled network within the world of media and it is this, coupled with international experience in fashion, art, food, health, sport and lifestyle that allows the company to bring value to each and every account.

Crossing borders

The name Multiple Identity is relevant in different ways. By gathering creative professionals with different backgrounds from very different worlds, we believe that we can offer something unique for each customer. We work on a daily basis with various brands, operating for international customers in both Amsterdam and The United Arab Emirates – both very different markets that demand a careful and diligent approach. We keep ourselves busy identifying new and exciting opportunities every day.